Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FIrefighter kills dogs to board cruise

A Columbus firefighter faces charges after shootin and killin his two dogs because he didn’t want to pay to board them on a cruise. David P. Santuomo, 43, took his dogs into his basement, suspended them from a pipe near the ceiling and fired at least 11 shots from a .22-caliber rifle fitted with a homemade silencer. He faces 90-days over a 2-year period spending just 10 days at a time in the cell. Um, really? Since when do we have deferred payment when it comes to serving time? I mean, this guy didn’t kill them because they were hurt from sport (I see you Vick!!!), he killed them because he didn’t want to PAY for them to board with him. He didn’t want to PAY to take them to some doggy daycare. I mean, that shit is kinda crazy. Then he dumped the carcasses in the trash BEHIND HIS FIRE STATION! Why do people commit crimes and then do the stupidest shit ever? When the dogs were found he said that they had eaten some antifreeze and he wanted to put them out of their misery. Ok, a little planning. But when they opened the dogs up, guess what? NO ANTIFREEZE!!! Even cops know if you gonna kill a black man you gotta sprinkle some crack on him so it looks like a drug related shootin. The least he coulda did was pour antifreeze through a tube into their stomachs. Stupid stupid. But back to this deferred time sentence. I know he’s a firefighter and all, but why does he get the special treatment? He’s not gonna be workin the field, he’s gonna be at the station since: A) His coworkers prolly don’t wanna work with him and will leave him to burn during a fire and B) Nobody would want to be rescued by him. The man is a dog killer, I’d rather take my chances in the burning building. Or send someone else up. Glad he gets his life back after 90 days for killin dogs; guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t play football.

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