Friday, July 31, 2009

Are cops smarter than a 5th grader?

HAHAHAHAHA. I swear to you that there is a balance in this universe. For every one stupid black person, there is a white person of equal stupidity. “Jungle Monkey”??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I really have nothing else to say. Hearing his lawyer repeat it is just as funny. And the guy appears sincere in the video too. This goes to show you (again) that you don’t have to racist to act stupidly. Obama 2 - Cops 0. I do think that this guy has to be more stupid than the lady that cut out the fetus. At least she kinda planned it out and how a reason (sick one, but still). This cop says to himself, “I’m tired of everyone callin the cop racist when it was the stupid jungle monkey’s fault for actin like that. I should send an email to a newspaper and talk about those jungle monkeys.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He should retire, then kill himself for “acting stupidly”.

Since I won’t be able to bash cops for a while, here is a bonus video of another cop doing his job properly:

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