Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama calls Cambridge cops stupid

Even with a Harvard education, it still isn’t easy being black in America. I wonder if Soledad O’Brian covers that in her Black In America series. Racial profiling is still a huge issue with this country. You look at an incident like this and it’s no wonder minorities don’t cooperate with the police. Gates even said that the police report isn’t completely truthful in what happened durin the arrest. Obama said that race relations have come a long way which I can agree with. However, I kinda feel it has made society a bit more dangerous. It’s easier to anticipate the actions of someone when you know what they are thinkin. It’s easier for me to deal with a racist prick if I know that they are racist when I meet them. However, it’s harder to deal with a closet racist. The person that will smile in your face and pat you in the back, all the while tryin to undermine you. I believe that the government should be unbiased and provide equality for all (yeah, when pigs fly) but I think individual beings should be who they are. If you won’t let me come over durin football games because you think I’m gonna “case” your home, then don’t come over to my cubicle and make small chat. Don’t sit with me at lunch just so that you can find ammo to use when you make jokes about me to your spouse. If you racist, be racist and stay to yourself. If the Klan didn’t use violence I wouldn’t have a problem with them. They just keepin it real (real ignorant, but that’s neither here nor there).

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  1. When will our "Obama" come to grips with the fact he is president because the was chosen by the media to be the president.

    I am an American. I am black. I am not African. I am American. The black community could not have picked a worse person to represent the black community.

    Since his term began, racism has magnified 100 times over. He has no business running/ruining our country. The country will not last 4 years at this rate.