Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I don't believe in Darwinism

Alright, I don’t know what to tell you. Oh yea…stupid people. If you don’t recognize the two, that’s fine…I hate talkin bout them anyways. Why haven't they been eliminated?


Raekwon - New Wu

The Wu-riginals are back at it. To think how long these old farts have been in the game and they still hold it down. But jeez, they are such dinosaurs that, personally, I don’t wanna hear them rap. Does that make me a bad person? Not sure why they made the video a “To Be Continued” when you and I both know this will be the only video from the album.

Obama talks some more

Obamaaaaaaaaaaaaa talks too much. You’d think he had his own reality show the way he’s on TV giving conferences every two weeks. Nigga, go do your job! Lol. You know I only throw jabs at Obama cuz he’s like family. But don’t get it twisted; I’ll call out bullshit regardless who the bullshitter is. That’s why people don’t like me too much, I keeps it a hundred all the time. But I think Obama is doing a decent job, correction, a great fuckin job considerin the situation he was given. And honest to God, I love my white readers (I love all my readers) BUT YOU WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER truly understand how much harder it is to do your job when you’re black. I don’t care what financial background, or social, or educational…I don’t care if you were raised by black parents, you will never understand the stress level increase you have when black in America. This man is black AND the President? But the one thing that gets underestimated a lot is black strength. Those people (“what you mean ‘those people’?”) have been through so much and still have risen up and persevered to the point that one of them became President. So I’m pretty confident that our country will be alright. And don’t think he’s playin favorites just because he’s black. When the black reporter tried to use the “brother” card (“what are you going to do about the unemployment rate for African American males?”), Obama was like ‘nigga please!’ His stimulus package is gonna help EVERYONE that is hurting. Doing this blogging shit has made me realize how much HATE people have in this country and around the world. It’s sickening. So I understand that there will be some people that will hate everything that the President does, regardless of how helpful it is. That’s just how the world is. Like I said before, I’m confident in Obama. I mean, he really can’t do any worse than the last one.

Obama is just burning through money

Congress approved a budget that is almost $3.5 trilli. That’s fuckin crazy if you ask me. I mean, what the fuck man. Where the hell…I mean, sigh. What can you do? The last administration spent over 2 trillion every year. Considering what they spent most of that money on, it’s not hard to see why we’re in debt. Some may argue, well at least we’re alive…but I’m not really gonna touch on the whole 9/11 thing. The money spent in the past 8 years hasn’t been spent well. The money that is goin to be spent on this administration is not to defend our country but to improve the quality of life. Can you really argue with that? I guess you could if you were content with the quality of life you have but you know me, I’m never content. If we are gonna spend more money on education and it’s gonna cost my kids later in taxes, SO BE IT! It’s education to benefit them, so of course they should pay for it. If getting proper healthcare means my child payin for it in taxes, SO BE IT! They’re gonna pay to take care of me one way or the other, so they can pay directly for my medical bills or they can pay indirectly in the taxes used to keep me in the workforce due to my good health. Considering the budget pill we’ve swallowed for the past 8 years, I think we should be able to agree that this one is less bitter.

Swine Flu keeps people scared

Swine flu update: we are now at threat level 5 (out of 6) according to the WHO. The U.S. has also reported its first death: a 22-month-old visiting from Mexico…so it wasn’t even an American baby. Um, I know I’m not the news per se, but I don’t really have anythin else to say about the issue. I suggest closing the borders and rounding up all the Mexicans!!! Even if the horses are out the barn, ain’t no reason to let them go buck wild.

Why is Dr. Gupta in the truck actin like he Steve Erwin? Flu hunter now? How they know the little boy is patient zero? This is Mexico!!! If the poor people in U.S. rarely go to the hospital until death, what makes you think it’s any better in Mexico? The little boy was prolly kickin it with a homeless bum who coughed on him. The bum died on the streets, the boy lived…what the hell am I talkin about? Ugh, I’m tired.

Killer's boo still loves him

What Jaqui (the neighbor) doesn’t know is that her live in boyfriend, Brian, is goin down to the Bungalow every Saturday and takin it in the butt from Fred. I mean seriously, you can live with someone forever but still not know everything about them. That’s why divorces happen sweetheart, stop actin like you know everythin bout your boo. Anyways, the fiancĂ©e is clearly in la la land, but I fucks with her heart. She is gonna stand by her man till the casket drops. I mean if the boy is innocent, he’s gonna need someone to stand in his corner while he goes through this ordeal. So I’m not gonna knock the finance, but if she starts visitin him in prison…then the bitch has problem. On another note, doesn’t the Dr. that’s talkin bout codependence look like the same lady that did the Penis Power video?

The super skinny look is back...boooo

Is this bitch confused? If you 5’11’ and weigh less than 130, you are BONY BITCH! I mean look at her shoulders…them shits is not sexy. She’s a cute girl tho, but she needs to eat somethin. I thought these issues were addressed 2 years ago and designers were going to move towards more healthy lookin models? I mean, I like my girls skinny but they gotta be bubbly in the right spots. No tits, no ass, no go…in public. I’ll still take her for a romp in the sheets.

A dangerous reunion for Ray J

What is this negro speakin about? You gotta be a lil' freak, a lil’ fun? The broad has a tattoo on HER FACE! Your face. It’s the first thing a person sees when they look at you and you had to mark it up with a tattoo. Most people would kill to have such a pretty (decent) face and this bitch throws somethin on it. I don’t even know nor care what the tat is. And Ray J, you fuck with a girl that calls herself “Danger” and has a face tattoo and you weren’t ready for the fireworks? You weren’t but I bet the producers were. Ugh. This shit makes me so sick and the fact people watch it makes me annoyed like none other. You know why I don’t care about what the American public thinks about the job Obama is doing? Because they watch shows like this. They wouldn’t know a good or bad President unless he had a show lookin for a First Lady. Oh fuck, I think I’ve just created somethin…There is a good piece of humor that comes outta this – Ray J’s face when Danger talks about bein preggers lmao.

Lacey Chabert isn't lookin for work

Lacey Chabert lookin good at some premier. The girl gots some boobs but this dress really doesn’t highlight that…so why did I bother postin her? Eh, filler.


I closed my eyes and pictured him rolling

Um, I told you so? Someone needs to follow him into the bathroom and swab the urinal or swab his glass after he drinks. Wait, do we even have anythin with Pac’s DNA on it? The man was “cremated” after his death.

Mel Gibson shows off new boo...

Here are Mel Gibson and his new boo Oksana Grigorieva. Um, for 39 she doesn’t look that bad. Mel is like 53 or somethin like that and I figured at that age he’d go for somethin a bit young and taut but it appears he wants to keep it respectable...I guess. Must be nice being a billionaire.

Kim Kardashian brings it black...

Kim Kardashian is lookin much better with the dark hair again…if she pulls a Christina Mili-blonde again, she will be banned from this site.


I want some pootie-tang!

Felicia Tang because I haven’t had an Asian chick on here in a minute.

Pampita because she's hot

With women like “Pampita” Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos coming from La Pampa, Argentina, I hate to say this but you American women have NO CHANCE with a handsome blogger as myself. Damn she’s hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. But she’s already married and has a baby girl. But damn she’s hot.

The Rant Is Due Muthafucka!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hummpppy Day!

If I told you today was a slow one, would you believe me? If you’re a faithful reader then you would. Every Wednesday we go through this… why would this Wednesday be any different? I have an issue with DirecTV lookin at my friends as dollar signs.

Who let the dogs out?

As many of you may know, I never really understood Americans and their dogs. But I’ve found a reason to own one, actually own three. You see if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s bitch ass dogs. You know the kind, wanna run up to the gate and bark bark bark for no fuckin reason. But when you jump at the gate, the dog jumps back. Anyways there is a dog like that on my street and it’s just soooo annoying. It’s annoyin to the point I just walk on the other side of the street, just so it doesn’t bark. Well I wanna get three dogs. 2 female Rottweilers and a trained Pitbull. I would only walk these dogs in neighborhoods known to have bitch ass dogs that bark but don’t bite. I’ll instill FEAR in those bitch ass dogs, so that when anybody walks past them, they keep their fuckin mouths shut! Bark only when someone is actually a threat and not just because, stupid dogs.

Lil' Duval saves a white boy

Lil’ Duval is crazy. As some of you may know (*black readers), T.I. did a reality show called Road To Redemption as part of his community service before he went to jail. Well Lil’ Duval decided to do his own version, enjoy:

Spoiler Alert: Sylar was my real Hero

Let me start by sayin this is the best season finale in Heroes history…considerin how shitty the other two were, it’s not sayin much. At all. Once again, I’ma spoil the shit outta it, so if you have it on your DVR still I suggest skippin this post. So they finally “killed” Sylar. Of course they didn’t really kill him, since he can’t be killed. Instead what happened was Nathan was killed by Sylar, Peter was able to tranquilize Sylar, and while Sylar was unconscious, Matt remapped Sylar’s brain so that Sylar believed he was Nathan and never Sylar. Did you follow that? So basically Sylar is now Nathan permanently (*permanently meaning until the next season when somethin goes wrong and Sylar comes back). Alright, now the show is notoriously known for “forgetting” about people’s powers and makin the season finale battle harder than it needed to be. Like why couldn’t they just transfer some of Claire’s blood to Nathan like they did with her stepfather Noah? Why doesn’t Hiro ever just freeze time when Sylar is around and behead him? And why has Claire been demoted to moral compass? She’s become so useless on the show and is constantly bitching about how tough she is, but she doesn’t do anythin except bitch about how tough she is. Peter tries to be the moral compass too, but at least he uses his power to help. I hope when Matt comes back next season, he stops actin like a little bitch. First he was all pussy whipped with Daphne (who clearly didn’t have any feelings for him) then he started actin like a bitch when it was time to save Nathan. NO BITCHASSNESS ON THE NEXT SEASON OF HEROES. I’m kinda mad that they didn’t make Sylar good. Sylar by far was the best character to watch and if he had went good the show would be on another level. Anyways, enjoy Mad TV’s version of the show:

Clipping the savings

I want this lady in my life. I would pay her $50 to shop for me. How you gonna save 97% on your groceries? She went from $150 to like $10!!! My mother could never pull this off, that’s why I thought coupons never worked. Damn…I’m bout to say fuck my pride and start clippin coupons like a muthafucka. Yo, my pride is can be bought for $100.

Vick shoulda played football for his freedom

Why people tryin to disrespect my boy Mike Vick? I know he did wrong…which I don’t really think was that wrong, but whatever…but this is a total slap in the face right here. The Albany Firebirds, an areafootball2 league, is offerin Vick $200/week to play with them. $200??? Oh, with $50 bonus for every win. Wow. Then the contract stipulates that Vick would have to donate $100K to a local humane society as well. WHAT $100,000!!!??!!! The $100K that he stuffed in his football helmet before he went to jail? The nigga has no money and you gonna pay him peanuts but only if he donates money he doesn’t have and won’t make playin for you? Someone get me the address for the Firebirds, I wanna slap someone today. Seriously, someone needs to get a punch in the ribs for this terrible joke.

I wanna see Diora's black hole

Diora Baird is gonna be seen in the new Star Trek movie…her role? Big boobied alien. I think that’s in the official credits too.

That’s all I got for you.

The Rant Is Due Muthafucka!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free ice cream for the first 100 visitors

I don’t think buyin a billboard will get enough people to this site. I need Obama to officially make the official blogger of the White House. Though, I don’t think callin him a snitch helped my chances. Oh well, fuck him…just like a nigga to get a little power and act like he too good to help his friends!

Hopefully this shows up on a memo...

So as many of you may heard (and saw since most my readers are in NYC…yet I live in LA…I know, I need new friends), the federal government flew a 747 very low to the Manhattan skyline yesterday. The city of NY wasn’t warned about this exercise so you can imagine the panic that occurred. I mean, the plane was flyin low enough to rattle the buildings. Calling the federal government stupid and irresponsible is a gross understatement. Official word from the White House is that it was an official military photo op. The Boeing 747 was accompanied by two F-16s. Truth be told, I highly doubt it was a photo op. I think it was a training exercise to help the military prepare for any attack involving 747s. How else are they supposed to simulate an attack without actually flyin one near the buildings? You can’t do it at night because it’s harder to see and you can’t inform the city because just like Mayor Bloomberg said, had they known they woulda told the military ‘hell no.’ I figured with all that space available at Area 51, they coulda built a mock city by now and did all their testing there. Obama is “furious” (of course), but I’m pretty sure he’s just mad that they took his plane and didn’t fill it up with gas when they finished.

Obama always gets the last laugh

Big news this week is the swine flu, but I’m pretty sure that the current administration is behind it all. First, watch this:

Ok so the Republicans cut out the flu pandemic portion from the package, somethin that is referred to as cutting the ‘pork’ out. Now, we have a flu outbreak. Not just a regular outbreak, but a pandemic. A flu pandemic that comes from pigs aka swine aka pork. Talk about a slap in the face. Obama and his cronies said “Not only are we gonna get you back for makin health cuts, but we are gonna rub the fat in your faces too.” That’s why scientist can’t figure out why it’s only killed people in Mexico and not the U.S. I guess Obama sees Mexico City as collateral damage…enough of them live here anyways, Mexico will be fine. That’s why Obama is sayin “not to worry” because it’s nothing to worry about. Just like that damn bird flu…all hype to push an agenda. Do you know how many people die a year from the REGULAR flu? I’ll wait. 36,000 people on average. And guess what country that’s in? I’ll wait. U.S. fucking A. Yes, people die from the flu every year; this is nothin new to us. Just hype. Unless you’re an old bastard or a young baby, you have nothin to worry about. However, I’m pretty sure MV3 (Dwayne Wade) and CP3 (Chris Paul) have contracted the virus considerin how poorly they played yesterday. Yuck. Next thing you know we’ll have a fish flu outbreak

Kids that don't get spanked ransack neighbor's home

I wanna know what kinda kids these are to leave a mess like this? It looks like two bear cubs went through the lady’s house. I mean, I’m seriously wonderin what kinda home training these kids have? What exactly is the age of these ‘tots’? Well, they obviously ain’t black kids…Is the tots’ mom gonna come through and clean all that shit up? It’s obvious that the neighbor has children of her own, so I wouldn’t think she would wanna clean up after someone else’s kids. SMH.

Famous people don't evade taxes, taxes evade them

Like I said before, you don’t go to jail for tax evasion if your important. Here is Wesley Snipes doin who knows what…living his life as a free man I suppose. Can’t wait till I blow up.


CoCo keeps her chin up

You know somethin I’ve noticed about white women (this could be a problem with all Caucasians, but I don’t really be lookin at dudes): they have the worst necks. And let me correct myself real quick, American Caucasians…Europeans don’t really have this problem. But there is no definition in the neck, there is no under part to the chin. And it’s not “turkey neck”, which is a matter of aging. And I don’t wanna blame it on weight because most of the girls are fit. It’s just that their chins is directly connected to their throats at a 45 degree angle instead of a more attractive 90 degree angle. Anyways, here is the plastic CoCo doin her sexy thing. Except for the pic with the double chin…

A billioniare's ass

The ex had an official wedding ceremony with Frenchie…blah, blah, blah. Here is her showin off her ass in sweatpants. End of story.


Kim tries to have more fun...

Kim Kardashian in a blonde wig which I think is an epic fail. Blonde makes her look dumber than she already looks. Go back to black and keep it smart and sexy.

The Rant Is Due Muthafucka!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The only summer blockbuster you need

Last week in April, can’t wait for the summer movie season to start. I coulda watched the bootleg copy of X-Men, but I decided to wait so I could experience it in the Arc Light theatre. But nothin is more exciting than readin this everyday, so share it with your friends and families...otherwise I'll disappear.

Kanye West - Amazing

Kanye West’s Amazing is amazing. I mean when I first heard the song, I was like this might make his album. It might be the song to keep him respectable and afloat. And obviously it has, with the NBA using it as the theme song for this year’s playoffs. Well finally, we have a video to go with it…the video isn’t that amazing tho. Excuse the BET 106 & Park stuff…

I love how he lets his ego get the best of him, but then he reels it in with “I’m just jokin”. No you not you arrogant bastard! I use the same tactic to cover my arrogance…and it doesn’t work lol. But Kanye is the best. So accept it and respect it.

Hurricane Chris - Halle Berry (She's Fine)

What’s this? Two music videos in one day!!! Ring the alarm, it’s goin down!

Hurricane Chris is an ugly boy, no homo. And he has no stage presence in front of a camera. This video was wack. I’d rather watch Ellen and Halle dance to the song instead.

Enjoy the cold Marko

Congrats to Mark Sanchez on getting drafted by the Jets. Not gonna talk shit or praise him yet, because most SC kids don’t make the cut once in the big leagues. Check him out in 2 years for a proper assessment. But get that money vato!!!

A Jewish guy and a black guy walk into the store...

The only thing worse than a man that can't dress, is an older white man that can't dress. While out food shopping I saw this grown ass man with his wife and kid. The wife looks respectable with her black dress on. But her hubby who is clearly in his late 40s had on a tracksuit jack over a brown tee with a skull on it and blue jeans with no belt on and his orange ugly boxers showing. Not to mention he's outta shape and you know how disgusted I get when big people try to dress like skinny people. And there was cop in the building, but sadly he wasn't the fashion police. Considerin the area I’m in, I’m gonna say he is a Jewish man with more money than he knows what to do with…which pisses me off. Jews people get slaughtered in another fuckin continent and they run this damn country. Black people built this damn country and Popeye’s runs outta chicken. BULLSHIT! On another note, Jewish moms have to be the most MILFy moms in the world. I mean they have this demeanor that’s like if you showed them a picture of a penis they’d faint…but they have this twinkle in the eyes like it’s been blinded by a cum shot or two before. If I was to ever enter an adulterous relationship, she would have to be Jewish.

Barack loses street cred

You know what just occurred to me? Obama is a snitch. Releasin those memos? That’s considerin snitchin. Maybe he is makin the country weaker, because nobody respects a rat. What I don’t agree with is that the memos serve as propaganda for terrorist to use as a recruiting tool; the leaked photos from 3 years ago with niggas in diapers piled on each other was more than enough. I’m kinda surprised nobody in the African American community hasn’t called Obama out on this. He already condemned the use of torture for interrogations, so what purpose did releasing the ACTUAL memos serve? Nobody is gonna be punished, the former administration can’t be fired, so there is no reason for Obama and his lackies to be snitchin like that. He wants to make the government more transparent, but at the expense of the previous government. Well, that may work on the stupid and slow but not me. I don’t care what the previous government did; I know what they did that’s why I voted them out.

Pig flu is coming soon...

DIRTY MEXICANS!!!! Lol. I think the reason why people have been dyin in Mexico is well…it’s Mexico. They aren’t number one when it comes to healthcare. I mean any poor country has issues with viruses that would be considered mild to Americans. Africa has a malaria problem (which they wanna blame on the “millions” of mosquitoes…yeah, sure) and they don’t have enough hospitals or workers to get the treatment to the people. America, Canada, and England have all had swine flu cases but no deaths. So don’t reach for the panic button just yet. And I swear, if I see anybody pullin this:

I’ma smack em. Oh, and Ms. Church’s accent makes me want to do disgusting things to her and her throat.

Professor flunks his wife - permanently

Looks like another white man gone crazy…but a college professor? That’s highly unexpected. They say one of the victims was the professor’s wife…hmmmm. What would make a man shoot his wife and two others like that? It sounds like someone was practicing their roles a bit too much and hubby didn’t like that.

Beatrice Arthur's golden life comes to an end

RIP Beatrice Arthur of Golden Girls fame. She was 86. Never was a fan of that show…

I'd still eat Alessandra's Coochella

Here is Alessandra and her baby daddy, Jaime Mazur, at Coachella music festival. Where are her new mom boobs? The bitch is flat as a board still…me no likey.

I didn’t go to this shit for multiple reasons. First, I’m a wigger and I don’t listen to that cracka ass cracka music. Maybe if they brought Mobb Deep or had some Eightball & MJG, then I woulda went. Second, it’s out in the desert where temperatures hit 100 degrees. Who can have fun in 100 degree weather? WHO??? Third, they don’t let you bring your own drinks or food, so you can imagine the fun the vendors have patting down your wallets like a high priced hooker. My friend went (his dumbass went at like noon, the hottest part of the day and stayed till 11pm just when the good acts were comin on), and he said a bottle of water was like $4 and a hotdog was like $9. Yeah, no thanks. Anyways, if you’re into celeb watchin then Coachella is the place to go. This is where they flock to for some odd reason…and throw awesome parties in the hotels.

I'm not Obsessed with B or Ali

Here are Beyonce and Ali Larter promotin their new movie Obsessed. I think it’s about a white woman who tries to take a black lady’s man. In the real world we just call it life. Ali looks like shit; I guess she hasn’t done a premier in a while since she was busy bein a Hero. I hope they bring her character back since there were three of them and now 2 of the triplets are dead. Did I spoil the show for you? Too bad, maybe you should watch it on Mondays like the rest of the country. Lady B looks good as usual. Interesting dress.


Cukoo for CoCo's puffs

You know, I think I’ma pull an Ice-T. If I can’t find the perfect girl, I’ll build one. That’s the American way. Or maybe I should walk around my neighborhood more. Just this past weekend this Swedish girl (she was speakin some foreign language that didn’t sound French, Italian, Spanish, or German so I assume Swede) walked past me with a perfect ass. I clutched my cell phone in my pocket tryin to figure out why I couldn’t pull it out and take a picture. Seriously, the ass was perfect. And in loose fitting jeans. But back to CoCo, which the only thing real about her is she can really work a camera.

The Rant Is Due Muthafucka!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Not so terrible Friday

So I thought I would be able to keep Fridays as Good Fridays, you know, start the weekend right. But this is America…there is only so much good news. Good news should be an oxymoron since news is usually bad, so you can’t have good bad news. Eh, oh well. And get well soon Jay Leno.

Hugo celebrates Earth Day

It seems Hugo Chavez isn’t all bad. He plans on giving Petty Island located in the Delaware river, to New Jersey. Hey hey!!! It appears that Petty Island was owned by the Venezuelan petroleum company Citgo but as a gift on Earth Day, the island will be given to Jerz. However the island won’t be transferred anytime soon (not before 2020) because the company first has to clean up before the titled is transferred. See, Obama’s hand shake got us a new natural park. Now imagine what we woulda got if he kissed him!!!

Bastard kids smash cars

Really? I’m at a loss of words. They car dealerships are already strugglin and some kids would think it’s cool to pull a stunt like this? I hope they get tried as adults and receive the stiffest punishment, stupid fucks.

Reunited and it feels so...who are you?

Lmao, this is hilarious. Could you imagine if a chick you went to high school with just started strippin in the middle of the dance floor? My boy Da Docta just went to his high school reunion. If I ever go to a high school reunion (because I plan on crashing another school’s) I plan on bein that “prick”. I’m gonna wear a $2,000 suit, with $1000 shoes. I’ma drive a car (rental) that cost more than most people’s homes. And I’ll develop that annoying laugh that cocky people have to let everyone know I’m better than them. High school reunions are pretty useless these days tho. With all these social networking sites, you have a reunion every time you log into Facebook or MySpace minus the awkwardness of actually having to remember people’s names.

The Facebook take over

As most of you already know, Facebook has become a method of escape for a lot of people. Some people, like me, can’t go a day without checkin our FB page. It’s sad and crazy. There is a test (I’ll give you the questions later), and my results say that I’m perfectly normal…minus the fact I don’t have a spouse that my FB life interferes with. But honestly, if Facebook went away I wouldn’t be sad. This new Facebook is just so ugly and it has so many people that shouldn’t be on it…I wish they would do away with it and start fresh. Anyways, here is the test borrowed from Paula Pile (she’s a smart doctor).

The Facebook Compulsion Inventory
Directions: Please circle your answer to each of the questions using the following scale:
1. Very Untrue. 2. Somewhat Untrue. 3. Neither True nor Untrue. 4. Somewhat True. 5. Very True.
1. I spend more time on Facebook than I intend to. 1 2 3 4 5
2. I feel anxious and upset when I cannot access my Facebook page. 1 2 3 4 5
3. I have more in common with the people I chat with on Facebook than I have with my spouse or partner.
1 2 3 4 5
4. I find myself neglecting some of my work responsibilities because of time I spend on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
5. Sometimes I lose sleep because of the time I spend on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
6. I have developed romantic feelings for someone I have reconnected with on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
7. Spending time on Facebook with my Facebook friends is more pleasant than the time I spend with my
spouse. 1 2 3 4 5
8. I lie to others about what I talk to friends about on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
9. I feel excited and energized when I access my Facebook page. 1 2 3 4 5
10. I would feel sad and depressed if Facebook ceased to exist. 1 2 3 4 5
11. I have concealed conversations that I have on Facebook from my partner. 1 2 3 4 5
12. I would not want my spouse or partner to be my Facebook friend. 1 2 3 4 5
13. I need to make sure that I have access to my Facebook page on vacations. 1 2 3 4 5
14. I feel that others would think less of me if they could see my private messages on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
15. Others have complained about the amount of time I spend on Facebook. 1 2 3 4 5
15-30 You probably enjoy using Facebook, however it is unlikely that it is causing major issues in your
31- 45 You obviously enjoy using Facebook and it is most likely an important part of your life, but it is
probably not controlling you.
46-60 Your Facebook use is quite possibly excessive. You may be experiencing some difficulties in
your life and relationships as a result of your Facebook use. You may want to consider ways to
reconnect and connect with your family and friends that do not involve Facebook. If you
continue to find yourself using Facebook as a major way to meet your emotional and social
needs, it is important that you put more time back into your primary relationships outside of
Facebook, or seek professional help.
60-75 Your Facebook use appears to be compulsive. It would most likely be helpful to seek a
professional therapist to help you sort out the role Facebook plays in your life.

Big boobs always make you smile

This video makes me want to date a silicone chick again…yum.

Selita Ebanks is yum

Selita Ebanks is so beautiful to me…she is a bit skinny for me and tall (5’9”). I can’t do anythin bout her height (minus get some moon boots) but I would most certainly put a little meat on her ass before I put some meat IN her ass. And yes, I’m talkin rough anal sex.

The Rant Is Due Muthafucka!!!