Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Apple killed the radio so you could live

I hate when people needlessly complain about the same situations others have needlessly complained about. Such as radio stations playin the same music all the time. Or the variation: they hate that all the music on the radio lacks creativity and sounds the same. EVERYONE feels the need to complain about this like they are the FIRST person to do so. Listen, the radio is a medium used to make money. It’s a marketing tool. It’s not meant to be creative or meant to inspire. It’s used to get you to support an artist by buyin their album, requesting their videos, and seein their concerts. And just like with any other marketing tool, there are methods of increasing efficiency and gettin the most from your investment. The tried and true formula is the “party track”. This isn’t always a club banger but is widely accepted among different demographics. And every major artist on a major label has one. If you are tired of hearin the same sounding music THEN TURN THE FUCKING RADIO OFF. I never listen to the radio. I have a deck that connects directly to my iPod and that is what I play ALL THE TIME. And if I forget my iPod and nobody has an iPhone, then it’s the CD that gets spun. Stop fuckin complaining and purchase some kinda adapter so that you can play your tapes, cd, or mp3 player. The next alternative is satellite radio. You have enough options to stop with your bloodclot cryin. You don’t like the music being played then turn it off. Hum while you’re in the car.

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