Thursday, July 16, 2009

Babysitter has sex with 14-year old

That is so gangsta. The boy was only 14 already gettin it in with a 28-year old. Then of course some hatin ass bitch or hatin ass nigga, gonna spoil the fun. Damn, I’m so hypocritical huh? Cause if it was a dude, I woulda been like cut that nigga’s balls off!!! But if it’s a girl, then it’s ok. Terrible. You know why though? It’s cause with a dude, it is different (I know, the double standard bullshit). Girls are younger and can get infatuated with the mystic of an older gentleman and may want him to have her. But boys only see a hot chick and they want her to make him into a man. Of course this isn’t the case with all children…maybe they should start askin the kids how they feel. Do some kind of psychoanalysis to figure out if the child knew what they were doing or if they were coerced into it. And if they weren’t, then no harm no foul right? Eh, it’s still such a touchy subject. I don’t think I would trip if my son had sex with an older chick…I would only trip if she forced herself onto him. But with my daughter? She ain’t havin sex till she’s 35 and been married since 30!!!

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