Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chris Brown is sorry

Chris…who cares. Your apology is late. Your lawyer has tarnished your public image. I’m not even mad…never was to begin with. Domestic violence is a very touchy subject…get it? “Touchy”? Because they hittin each other? Har har har…I’m goin to Hell, not gonna pass ‘Go’ or ‘Collect $200’. So where does Chris go from here? People always complain about the special treatment that celebrities get, but do you know who the worst offender of givin celebrities star treatment is? YOU! The fans. The people who easily forgive and forget and support your star no matter what they do. Paris Hilton gets a couple days in jail for a DUI and everyone is in uproar about it. But you still purchase her sex tape and watch her stupid reality shows on TV. If you don’t like what somebody has done, then prove it with your actions and not by leavin REDUNDANT comments on various blogs and websites. It means nothing. So Chris Brown will become America’s sweetheart again once he drops a new single. Some company will have CB endorse their product. All will be right in Beezy land. And you’re to blame. Not me. I know what he did, I don’t approve of it, but I don’t know the situation. Some people think that there is NEVER a time to for a man to put his hands on a lady…I’m not one of those people.

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