Monday, July 27, 2009

Black and White America

Ah, isn’t racism such a beautiful thing? I was readin some comments on the arrest of Henry Gates (the Harvard professor) and some of them didn’t really shock me but reminded me why race relations are still shitty today. Comments like the reason there are more blacks in prison is because they commit the most crimes. That racial profiling happens because blacks are always doin somethin illegal. Like really? Blacks commit more crimes? I guess Bernard Madoff must be half black or somethin. The reasons why blacks get incarcerated more has nothin to do with the volume of crimes committed but the lack of resources available to them. Blacks don’t have a lawyer on retainer willin to bust their ass and go through stacks of litigation to find a loop hole for their client to get off. No, most blacks have to use a public defendant who has a work overload and is gettin paid decent but not Cochran money so they don’t really feel invested in the outcome. And lest not forget that blacks have JUST RECENTLY started to enjoy their freedoms. I mean sure Lincoln abolished slavery, but it took the white man 100+ years to realllllly let go. And if you think there are some people who still don’t harbor bad feelings and raise kids to harbor the same feelings…well then you’re the worst perpetrator of racism: the ones who believe it doesn’t exist anymore. You know why racial profiling exists? Not because a certain race tends to be more criminal minded. It’s because of the old stereotypes associated with that race. In the 1890s, who do you think would be easier to stick a rape charge on? The “super aggressive, wants some milky white skin” African monkey or the educated, clean as a whistle white man? If someone told me that a quarter of the blacks incarcerated are wrongfully imprisoned, I’d believe it. Cops wanna feel like they’ve done a good job, but just like anyone else in the workforce, if they can take a shortcut then why not? Dave Chappelle joked that cops would sprinkle crack on a dead body so that they can write it up as a drug related killing; an open and shut case basically. And white people don’t know this because it never happened to them or they don’t know anyone it has happened to. So why would they distrust the cops? Why would they believe in racial profiling? A white person talkin about racism is like me tryin to talk about movie directing to Martin Scorsese. Yeah I’d have opinions and ideas, but at the end of the day I need to shut the fuck up and take a back seat when Marty speaks. My understanding of movies is so basic that I would hurt more than I would help if I was solely in charge of directing. So what’s the solution? Working together, duh. Only problem are the egos. I don’t think I’ve had a conversation about racism where a white person said “you know, I don’t know anything about being racially discriminated against.” They always try to make it seem like they can sympathize with the situations (or is that empathize? Always get it mixed up). Then there are some whites don’t feel like they should be labeled (or punished) for the actions of their forefathers. I say suck it the fuck up. Blacks have been labeled by the actions of your forefathers, so you better grin and bear it as well. I mean, the House JUST passed a Bill (or somethin) apologizing for slavery. Still waitin on the Senate to get onboard. Anyways, I’m done here. I do find it funny how a woman in Texas is claiming the state as her land. Like America didn’t snatch Texas from the Mexicans. SMH.

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