Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jessica and Romo finished

Sad news in the Romo/Simpson camp. I guess they dunzo. He broke up with her last Thursday before her birthday. Talk about grimey. Didn’t even try to buy her that one last birthday gift. Bet he had some “one last birthday sex” with her though. Though there are reports that Jessica’s ex, John Mayer, may be to blame. I guess John has still been textin Jess from time to time and now since he’s single he has been goin a bit too far. You know how you always hit up your ex-girl with no intentions of gettin back with her, but you just fuck with her cause you know you can? Start textin shit like “remember when I made you cuss when I went too deep?” or “you lucky we ain’t at a hotel party…I’d whisper in your ear to meet me in the bathroom and your boo wouldn’t even know.” Anyways, I hope this forces Jessica to lose all the extra “comfort” weight she has gained since datin Romo because then I’ll feel more comfortable inviting her over for dinner and not worry about her eatin a huge meal then fallin asleep. As for Romo, maybe he’ll lose all the retarded weight he’s been carryin and actually perform better this December and take my Cowboys to the Super Bowl and win!!!

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