Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No love for David Beckham in LA

I’ve never heard Beckham talk…no Bruno, but I don’t think girls were expectin such a whiney voice. The British accent makes it worse too. Anyways, I’m not here to talk about Beck’s voice box. I said 2 years ago when David was brought to the Galaxy that it was the most expensive mistake ever made. David didn’t come here because he wanted to play soccer; he came here because his wife wanted to be an American celebrity. Who goes from playin soccer on a world class level back down to a high school level? But everyone thought that this would work out, that David would be kick start needed to make soccer popular in America. Did everyone forget that the MOST famous soccer player EVER already played in the States and it didn’t do shit back then? Face the facts, soccer has too much finesse to be appreciated by Americans. Seein people kick the ball backwards just to move forward goes over the (meat)heads of many. The lack of timeouts or breaks means that it’s impossible to raid the fridge every 10 minutes for a beer. The low scoring makes it “too boring” for most to bear. Blah. Soccer is the best sport in the world without a question. It’s fun, it’s easy, it keeps you in shape unlike any other contact sport. To hear that David tried to go into the stands at fans that were hecklin him is disappointing. Considerin his performance off the field, he should be prepared to be the bad guy.

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