Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mayor of LA wants me to pay for Jackson's send off

It’s no secret that California is hurtin for money. It’s also no surprise that LA is hurtin the most of the cities. It’s also well known that we hosted two huge events in less than a month’s span. First was the Lakers’ parade and then the Michael Jackson Memorial. Obviously both events were very costly for a cash strapped city. Now the parade was paid for by the city but they were reimbursed most of the cost by the Lakers and private donors. But the MJ memorial is still up in the air. The city has even created a website so that people can donate money towards the cost (I think they’ve raised about ~17K, but the site was having issues so it has been taken down). Now hold the phone. I’ma miss Michael just like any rabid fan would, but you seriously can’t expect me to donate money to the city??? First off, it wasn’t my mismanagement of the budget, or my stupidity that allowed our cash cow (the film industry) to pack up its bags and leave. Hell, it wasn’t me that said keep property taxes low when you’re sellin 3 bedroom homes for $2 milli (and these are just regular ass houses in alright neighborhoods). $50 bucks says if you increase property tax like you’re supposed to, these homes will reach more appropriate values. What annoys me even more is OF ALLLLL THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY (not so much family, but hell why not?), OF ALL THE RICH FRIENDS AND FAMILY Michael Jackson has, nobody could cough up $1.5 million to send off a friend? I wish I was a millionaire I would have gladly covered the costs being the rabid fan that I am. And talkin bout fans, where are all the assholes that wanted to drop $10k on tickets? Why don’t ya’ll cough up some of that extra cash you got lyin around. Seriously, this is stupid. I really hope that someone has already paid the city for the service and the city is just being grimy and tryin to make money off its citizens to take care of debt. At least that way I can still respect Jackson’s friends and look down at my local government.

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