Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christina Milian and The Dream hangin out

Here are spouses to be, Christina Milian and The Dream. They look real cute together. Thank goodness Milian has decided to stop with the Goldie Locks look and is goin back to her dark hair color. One thing that bugs me is that The Dream has 3 kids with R&B singer Nivea. 3. How do you get 3 kids in deep with someone before you realize they aren’t the one for you? Then again while lookin over at Jon Gosselin, how do you get 8 kids deep before you realize she isn’t the one? Do kids really change the love you have for someone? I doubt it. I think kids would make the bond stronger IF you were truly in love with the person to begin with. I might never get married because logic triumphs love in my book. I seen that love shit, didn’t like how it looked, and I sent it back. I can’t be wastin my time for no reason.

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