Monday, July 20, 2009

Gov. Sanford needs to go away

Gov. Sanford is still tryin to fix his image in the public eye. Now he’s basically groveling to keep his job. Like I’ve said before, I don’t really think he should lose his job just because he had an affair. But the way he is goin about it is totally wrong. It would be one thing if he apologized and got back to work and stepped out of the spotlight. Instead Sanford is still makin headlines because he is cryin out to anyone that will listen about the mistake he made. It makes it seem like he isn’t being true to himself, his family, his party, or his constituents. Put some damn horse blinders on and focus on fixin the unemployment rate in your state. Focus on rebuilding the Republican brand which has been losing power in the past couple years. Adopt a black baby or send money to Darfur. Lol, I actually met the public relations twins from Bruno at a party. They aren’t cute at all…didn’t really talk to them but they didn’t seem bright either. Anyways, back to Sanford. He should revamp his image. Get a divorce and play the single father angle. Why doesn’t anyone in politics do that? Why is it that you must be married with kids in order to look like a stable man? That hasn’t been the image of America in like 20 years. I hope my next President is a baby daddy with two different women and his first act in office is to repeal the child support laws!!!

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