Friday, July 24, 2009

Unmanned planes kill Bin Laden's son

Yayyy, we killed someone else that isn’t Osama. Seriously, are we even tryin? Is he that elusive that nobody can catch him? Do the people love him so much that nobody is willin to rat him out? On a positive note: the UAVs (the drone planes) are turnin out to be the shit!!! Soldiers don’t even have to be on the frontline, hell, they don’t even have to be in the same country as these drones and they just killin muthafuckas left and right. Like in the article it says that some of the solders operate out of a base in NEVADA!!! These dudes hit three targets in a row, feel lucky, then hit up the Vegas strip and try to extend their luck. That’s WAAAAY better than before where getting lucky meant not gettin a limb blown off or bein shot. That’s some good shit. Hopefully it doesn’t get outta hand and we have to deal with SkyNet…cue Terminator music.

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