Thursday, July 16, 2009

Africans vs African-Americans

It’s a shame what ignorance does to people. It’s a shame that the media’s stronghold on perspective and perception reaches across the global. I ain’t gonna lie, when I went to Nigeria I kinda expected them to be riding elephants and havin cheetahs as pets. Wearin grass skirts and shields with spears, hootin and hollerin. But when I got there I found that most Nigerians can’t afford cheetahs or spears. It was shockin. Actually it was kinda cool. Everyone and their momma had a cell phone. People were drivin big body S, E, and G-class. It was very modern in the city. Even the villages had street lamps but they weren’t powered up yet. The roads…eh, not so cool. One road had a SINK HOLE. Not a pothole. If someone rode their elephant in that thing they woulda been stuck!!!

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