Thursday, July 30, 2009

40 lashes for tight clothes in Sudan

A Sudanese journalist could receive 40 lashings for wearin tight fittin pants. Lubna al-Hussein was arrested by the police who accused her of wearing pants that were too tight and a blouse that was too transparent. In Sudan there is only one punishment for wearin indecent clothin and that’s to get your ass beat in public. 40 lashings to be exact. I feel sorry for the chick (only because I don’t know exactly what she was wearin), but wouldn’t it be nice if we adhered the same kinda punishments in the U.S.? For one, I bet them New Boyz (they sing that terrible song “You’re A Jerk”) would be beaten to death and their music removed from America. But on some serious matters too. Like if you are found guilty of any kind of sexual assault involving your penis, then they cut it off. If you steal, your hand goes. Your wife sleeps around? She gets gangbanged – by horses. Or by me, same difference.

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