Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Steve McNair - Investigation closed

Well that sounds just about right. Tomorrow, we’ll find out that she was pregnant. This is why you don’t mess with unstable 20-somethin year olds. “If she ain’t in school, she ain’t cool” is what I always say. Well, I just made it up right now. You like that huh? I think that it’s a shame he didn’t even get to see it comin but I guess that’s the best way right? Crazy ass bitch tried to shoot herself so that she would fall into his lap, but ended up on the floor. That sucks for his family for sure. The wife is distraught about the whole mess. I guess the lesson for today is, if you gonna fuck around make sure you do it with someone who has somethin to live for besides you. Hahahaha, you thought my lesson was gonna be about not cheatin? Sike, this is America. If you DON’T cheat you’re a square…sad.

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