Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello, goodbye

HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! The Rant Is Due is one year old now and still kickin. I think I may call it quits at the end of the summer…get my life back. I can’t do this with lack of support. My base hasn’t grown the way I hoped it would and while that doesn’t mean the blog is a failure, it’s a failure accordin to my plans. At first I was gonna keep goin till Labor Day (end of Summer) but man, I thought about it too long today and might just wrap up at the end of the month. Whomp whomp. It’s just not worth it…Maybe I’ll just cut down on the posts.


  1. damn man, you can't give up, what am I going to read every morning @ work with my breakfast

  2. Dont give up! Ur ish is good. IF you ever want to write a rant for buppie, u got it.

  3. Naw man, don't give up dude. Most blogs take at least a year maybe two before they pop and blow up. Keep at it, if anything reduce the posts.