Friday, July 24, 2009

FBI catches child molestor 15 years later

The FBI’s Most Wanted list has just been shortened. Federal agents apprehend Edward Eugene Harper who was on the top 10 list for child molestation. He jumped bail back in 1994 and had been livin as a nomad for the past 15 years. Living out his truck, he’s been makin a livin doin odd jobs. My only question is how many more girls did he molest in the past 15 years? I mean, it’s a good thing that he’s been caught but DAMN it took them forever. Even if he just touched one girl a year, that’s still 15 girls!!! The FBI needs to do a better job trackin down the people on their list. Maybe they should borrow some of the drones from the military.
Harper back in 1994

Harper yesterday...ewwww


  1. ... Perhaps your a child molester too!!!

    Imagine if just because I said it means that you did it... Please don't believe everything you read on CNN... But dig a little deeper and do some of your own research.

    Look a little bit closer into who this man is and you will find a pretty interesting reason for the government wanting find this particular man. At the very least, this gives rise to some questions as to the charges filled against him.

    I will be shocked if we hear much more about his case!

  2. Mann, i'm not paid to research. i'm not paid to do anythin. Of course it's weird that he's on their top 10 most wanted list...but i'm a blog not the news. This is a free service. You want me to be a P.I., then drop some coins

  3. And if you have more information then please share, instead of tellin me to do some reserach