Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ben Roesthlisberger thought he could steal her

It appears that Ben Roesthlisberger has been accused with sexual assault by a Harrah’s employee. She claims that he invited her into his room to fix the television and forced her to have sex with him. Well, my first issue is why are you askin a chick to fix your TV? So the accusation might be a bit suspect. My second issue with the media language being used. I always thought that when you forced someone to have sex with you, it was called rape. I know rape is a sexual assault, but why not call it what it is? Is this to retain his good boy image? Fuck all that. Well, maybe I should slow my roll. It wasn’t until the photos of a battered Rhianna that the media started usin the word ‘beating’ when talkin about what Chris did to her. Damn sports stars and their inability to not rape chicks. I understand that they are used to gettin what they want but do you really have to just take it? All the groupie hoes in the world and you still raping chicks. That’s not a good look and pretty pathetic if you ask me. Well, we’ll see how Ben’s case turns out and if it will affect his game play for next season.

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