Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wild Wedding a YouTube hit...why?

Is this really news? If it wasn’t for that reporter’s sweet British accent, I wouldn’t have posted this. Ok, the dance was pretty amazing for white people…but who cares? Black people celebrate and it’s called bein foolish, white people celebrate and they get millions of hits on YouTube. Did I have to make this race related? Maybe not, but I’m feelin like Gates right now. I’ma pull the damn card. I mean first of all, who dances to a song by a person that beat up his girlfriend? Is that really the proper tone to set for a marriage? Chris Brown, Tina Turner, even the Jackson 5 aren’t gonna make it to the wedding playlist. Matter of fact, if the singer was married and divorced they aren’t getting played either. So no Usher. Side note, Chris Brown’s Forever is (or was for the past week) number one download on iTunes. So quickly how we forgive and forget…idiots.

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