Tuesday, July 28, 2009

T.O. wants the NFL Commissioner to go to jail

THANK YOU T.O.!!! I meant to Rant on this earlier but forgot. What kinda bullshit is that? A four game suspension? I think I’ma boycott the NFL for the first 4 games of the season and wish others would to, but that’s unlikely. Seriously, who else has been punished as severely for their crimes? What is the muthafuckin point? He’s been gone for like 2 seasons and now you wanna make it 2 seasons 4 days? That is so disgusting. Fuck them dogs. I ain’t a pet lover; I don’t see why dogs get better treatment than some humans. I don’t see how a man can kill a person from drunk driving and nobody issues him any letters or suspensions or jail time. I don’t wanna pull the race card but I’m pretty damn sure if Payton Manning got caught dog fighting, the worst thing that will happen is no more endorsements. No more MasterCard and Gatorade commercials. A suspension from the league? HA! Maybe if he did it now he would be punished just so that it can seem fair, but I doubt his punishment would be as harsh. I mean look at how much “backlash” Ben Roethlisberger has received…oh wait, he hasn’t. Everyone’s down playin it because it’s only ALLEGATIONS. But let ANY of the “thuggish” black football players have an allegation of rape thrown at them. Yo, we would know the girl, we’d have her picture blasted on TV, we’d have her address, she woulda been interviewed 100 times, and the commissioner woulda held a press conference. Hour-by-hour update on new information. Fuck the NFL and fuck the racist ass media.


  1. I'm not trying to start shit, cause I think 4 more games is absurd, but...

    Ray Lewis did get away with murder.

  2. EXACTLY...or whatever it was he covered up lol