Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Go back to Africa"

Speakin of the Klan…You know what? If I was an alien from another planet and I came down and saw this, I would be scared for the safety of the pasty colored people. Because they out here, in Paris Texas in the middle of summer, in wife beaters and t-shirts. Did you see what those black folks had on? Ski masks and black garments. In Texas. In the summer. Ski masks. It’s hotter than a muthafucka and these dudes are rockin all black. You know you’re ass is in trouble. Nobody likes hot weather. No, not even the Africans (why you think they always fightin?). So for these DESCENDANTS of Africans (meanin they’re blood isn’t pure), I’m pretty sure burnin up in an all black outfit had them ready to crack someone’s head open. Thankfully the only people that were arrested were white people, lol. I know you were in front of the computer waitin to see which side scored a point. As soon as you heard someone was arrested, if you were black you were chattin “please don’t be black, please don’t be black.” And if you were white, “gotta be a black person, gotta be a black person.” Anyways, what does it matter? Blacks are still down on the scorecard.

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