Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boys charged in sexual assualt of 8-year old girl

Four boys ages 9 to 14 have been charged with sexual assaulting an 8-year old girl. That’s just NASSSTY. What the hell? Did they go to the Ben Roethlisberger Football Camp for the summer? It appears that the boys lured the girl to a vacant shed by offering her some gum…then they proceeded to give her some hard dick. Sorry, sorry. Shouldn’t make light of the situation but I guess I’m gettin desensitized to this kinda stuff. Anyways, the boys then pinned her down and proceeded to do things to her that they shouldn’t. 8-years old? Is there even anythin on an 8-year old worth fondling? Then again, kids are grownin up pretty fast. Is it just me or our society doomed? And nobody seems to want to make it better. Nobody serious at least. Maybe they should charge these kids as adults since they are doin some grown man crimes. Will that scare kids into the right direction? Most likely not since the kids don’t pay attention to the news anyways. They should make reading about child crimes mandatory in school. Maybe it would invoke more thought and compassion if students heard about the crazy shit their peers were doin and the consequences of their actions. I pretty sure that will cut out down on the stupidity of children in the world.

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