Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Romanian mayor has terrible taste

Sometimes I wonder about the mental health of the people in the world. Romanian mayor, Radu Mazare, entered a fashion show rockin a Nazi uniform (supposedly walkin in goose step with his son, which is the traditional Nazi march). Really? You gonna do that? Mazare’s excuse was that he really liked the outfit Tom Cruise had on in Valkyrie and wanted somethin like it because he thought it would be fashionable. He also didn’t notice the Nazi swastika symbol on the uniform before he wore it. People want him to resign and I can totally understand why. I mean, if you are really that stupid you shouldn’t be in charge of anythin. If he will just fess up to the mistake and stop playin the ignorance card, I’m pretty sure people will be more able to move on (kinda).

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  1. Menthal health of people all around the world is "influenced" by ignorance. I discover daily that fewer people know what history is and rush to blame other for "unbelievable" mistakes. This is a crap!