Friday, July 31, 2009

Good(bye) Friday!!!

Ok so this is my last week of doing an onslaught of posts. Startin next week I’ma do them at my leisure. So you might have somethin new Monday. You might not. I just need a vacation from this. I do enjoy doin it, but I need a break. So deal with it how you wanna. If you’re a parent and needs some advice or just wanna hear funny stories - Daddy's Fish Bowl is comin REEEEEL soon. If you wanna show off your cool ride to the world Koolwhips is already up and running. If you need a DJ (like every club in Hollywood does) then DJHeavyness is who you need to talk to. And I’m out. Oh, and the Dow is up. Good job Obama (and former administration but more Obama).


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  2. sadly, it appears you were not bluffing :-(

  3. Come back to us!!! This is the worst Monday EVER!