Monday, July 20, 2009

Pass The A1

Bitch ass nigga of the year!!! I dislike Joe to the fullest and now I don’t even respect him. Didn’t I say last week that if you call out one Wu member, you callin on ALL of them? He’s sooooo lucky that they didn’t really get in his ass like that (no Bruno). Inspectah Deck released a track that is pure fire that just puts lil’ Joe (that should be his new stage name since he’s always bein sonned) in time out. I like how he puts in “if anyone says shit, the peace treaty is over.” Bitch, you started it and now you backin down. Do you think they scared of you? I hope the killer bees swarm on his ass and hit him with the 1000 sting finishin move. Fuck lil’ Joe.

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