Friday, July 17, 2009

11-year old babysitter saves life with CPR

An 11-year old babysitter saved her 2-year old cousin’s life after the tot ended up in the swimming pool. Obviously the girl took her eyes off her cousin for a bit and the baby ended up damn near lifeless in the swimming pool. But due to the quick action of the babysitter, she preformed CPR and saved her cuzzo’s life!!! How sweet is that? Could you imagine the grief you’d have to live with if the kid you were supposed to be watchin died? And she said that she’s never been trained in CPR, she’s just seen it on TV. YES!!! SCORE ONE FOR TV!!! Even though TV is still losin the war against the “TV haters”, one battle is enough for me to call it a Good Friday. I love TV and the warm glow and the education it provides. Matter of fact, gonna go watch some now.

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