Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama might not be Prom King

It appears that President Obama is losin some popularity. The current health care reform hasn’t made him a favorite in the house hold. I personally think that while the current bill is very expense, somethin needs to be done. We need to take care of our sick. It kinda does surprise me that his approval ratings have dropped. I mean 7 months into the year and we’re still around!!! This was supposed to be a 1 round knockout but thanks to the swift actions of Obama and his crew, we are still afloat. How can people not recognize that and approve of the job the President is doin? I mean look at all the different agendas he’s attacked in 7 months. What did Bush attack? Iraq. And that’s what got us into this mess. I can’t wait till Obama turns the country around and goes down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time.


  1. The only thing Obama has 'attacked' is our budget.

  2. lol. see, there is no such as Country Insurance that governments can buy. So that when the country hits a disaster, their insurance covers them and bails them out. The only way for the country to fix itself, is by spending more money. Because the only way to make money is by spending money. That's capitalism.

  3. the only way to have a successful business is to cut out all the crap spending.

    Answer me honestly, have you been provided with $7430 worth of services from the FEDERAL government since January 1st? Think for a moment what you can buy with $7G's

  4. Ummmm, from the Federal government....not that much lol. If i think of anythin i'll get back to ya