Monday, July 6, 2009

Ex-NFL QB, Steve McNair gunned down

What kinda honky tonk police department is runnin this show? Is Don Aaron a plain clothed cop or did he get the call while out with his family for the 4th? Anyways, sad sad shit man. It goes to show you that being rich and famous doesn’t keep you from gettin gunned down. If you’re black, chances are you will die from a bullet. McNair was shot twice in the chest and twice in the head. That’s no joke. Whoever did this wanted that man DEAD. Nobody deserves to die, so I really wonder what McNair did to deserve this. 4 times he was shot. In critical areas. Damn. I mean, he was with another woman and if Mrs. McNair is black…then chances are she found out and went ape shit. But she is the wife of a football player and those guys cheat on their wives so much, I don’t know why they don’t run for a political office after retirement. And why do people walk in on someone that’s dead and call someone OTHER THAN THE POLICE!?! Idiots. This hasn’t been a good summer for celebrities at all. It’s the top of July and we’ve lost like 8 or 9, with 5 being high profile ones. Who is next on the list? If you are an old celebrity (over 40) go see your doctor immediately. Get your will prepared. Spend time with the loved ones. Make a farewell trip for your fans. Time is ticking.

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  1. I heard it was murder-suicide.

    Anyway, what do you expect when you openly have a 20yo girlfriend and a wife with 4 kids?