Monday, July 6, 2009

Facebook connects everyone, even spies

On the other side of the pond, the British Secret Intelligence Service (better known by Bond fans as MI6) is appointin a new head. John Sawers, currently the British ambassador to the United Nations, has been appointed to the uber cool role of ‘M’, I mean, ‘C’ as they call it. So why has he made news over in the States? Because his wife has a Facebook account and people feel that she has posted things that might compromise his position. Lol, so now people know he’s in a relationship…she better not change it to “It’s complicated” anytime soon. No, but I guess he’s also in charge of the cyber security organization that’s under MI6 which works against cyber threats and such and people feel with him bein exposed it’s gonna warrant unnecessary attention and possible attacks. Eh, whatever, now it will test his mettle. Other people have more justifiable reasons to be worried, which include people tryin to friend his wife and kids and then gaining information through their trust. I’m hopin that John doesn’t keep any top secret info on his personal computer(s) at home…hopefully he’s smarter than that. And hopefully he’s smarter than runnin his mouth off to his wife and daughters, I mean it’s no secret women can’t keep secrets. Blah blah blah, gossip gossip gossip. I think the media made a bigger fluff over the Facebook account and might have drawn more attention than needed.

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