Monday, July 6, 2009

Amber Rose think's it's Easter

Ok, here is Amber Rose (Kanye’s boo) bein useless as usual. I thought this girl is a model? Why is her face so fat? It’s not sexy at all. The glasses make her head look like a perfect square but she’s no 9 (get it? Perfect square? 9? Which would mean she’s hot on a 10 scale? Nerd humor? No? Fuck you then). Havin bashed her properly I wanna give her major props for the ensemble. The hair, the glasses, the watch, the pants, the shirt, the boobs, the butt. It all comes together nicely. That is a stylin ass chick. Now she just needs to lose the chubby cheeks (no, not the bottom ones). And the terrible tan. And the queer boyfriend. Hey hey, I like Kanye and all, but I’m pretty sure I can do much better justice to that ass of hers. And I hear she’s a freaky little girl.

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