Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What was Michael Jackson's will?

Even in death the man astounds us. I can understand why he wouldn’t put his siblings in the will since they are already eatin good, but he left his dad out and his baby mama? But then it makes you wonder why he selected Diana Ross to take care of his kids if his mother couldn’t. Why wouldn’t he want his kids to stay with family? How strained of a relationship did Jackson have with everyone (besides his mother)? I mean Diana Ross isn’t that young either…I mean the way celebrities are droppin like flies this summer you never know. And the will is from 2002. I would think someone with his wealth would update his will every year. You know, like when doin taxes or buyin Christmas gifts or creatin a list of New Year’s resolutions. He left all his money to some three white dudes? Someone in the family needs to write a tell all book so that we can get to the bottom of these mysteries.

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