Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parking meter wars

Man fuck meter maids!!! I STAY gettin some kinda parkin ticket out here. And they are relentless. One time I got 2 tickets for the same infraction 2 days apart (my license wasn’t on the front of my car because the bracket broke, so I put it inside on the windshield.) They stay tryin to hit people’s pockets in this city. And to make things worse, parking is scarce to begin with. I have to drive around my apartment like 4 times before I can find a place to park. It’s such a hassle, makes me not even wanna go out again once I’ve found a spot for the night. I can’t believe that there is a reality show for those people. Is there an occupation WITHOUT a reality show? Is there one about bloggers? I should get signed up. You can follow my life as I do nothing...hahahaha. Instant hit.

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