Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teacher takes play time too far

A teacher in Maine decided it would be a good idea to marry one of his fourth grade students. Ok, ok, I’m makin it sound sicker than it real is. The real deal is he had a mock wedding with one of his students. They had a fake ceremony on the playground but there was no kiss or anythin sexual. He did hold her hand as they “walked down the aisle” but everything was kept rated ‘G’. He hasn’t lost his job, and I don’t want him to, but a lot of parents are concerned about his judgment. The teacher thought he was just bein playful and indulging in the student’s game of dress up. He even admitted that it was a lapse in judgment. And I agree, the proper thing is he should have suggested being the priest and that the girl should marry one of her classmates. But to me this also shows how sensitive (and perverse) our society has become. It’s not like he was touchin the girl or makin suggestive comments or gave her a hug at the end that lasted a bit too long. He was just playin dress up and make believe with his students. You know somethin to bond with them. To me this is kinda reachin and broadens the sexual contact label. Soon teachers won’t be able to make eye contact with their students because it might send mixed signals.

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