Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Russia will most likely keep its nukes

President Obama was in Moscow yesterday tryin to repair damaged relations with Russia. And also to see if they would halt any stock piling of nuclear weapons. Russia pretty much said fat chance. I was around for the Cold War but too young for it to really affect my everyday living. What I do recall from history books is that the U.S. lost its leverage on the world when the former USSR acquired nuclear technology. Everybody was scared that a nuclear holocaust would occur and blah blah blah. More scare tactics. I look at nuclear technology as Pandora’s box. The U.S. opened it up and now wants to close it, but the damage has been done. You can’t introduce such a destructive weapon and then expect countries without buyin power to not want it. If you want the world to stop building nukes, then you nullify the threat by NOT being scared. What the U.S. should be doin (and they prolly have with alien technology) is creatin an anti-nuclear missile. I know Ronald Regan did the whole “Star Wars” thing which upped our missile defense technology but we should have somethin in place that if a missile was fired towards our country, it could be nullified before it left the country that fired it. Then we could go to other countries and say “hey, build all the nukes you want. Hell, here are the ingredients and instructions. Then we DARE you to fire one at us.” Countries will build a couple but in the back of their minds they will be thinkin “What the hell has the U.S. cooked up this time?” No leader wants to be known as the leader who got his country blown off a map so most likely everyone will just chill out. Nobody will continue to build nuclear weapons because they’ll realize that they have to properly store this radioactive device and eventually destroy it because it will be useless against the U.S.

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