Monday, July 13, 2009

Pentagon study to ban smoking

Now ain’t this some bullshit. The government wants to BAN smoking in the military. Like these men and women aren’t under enough stress as it is? Listen, when you fightin on the front lines, dyin of cancer is the least of your concerns. And please believe I’m not pro smokin. I think it’s a disgustin habit and that anyone that gets lung cancer from it deserves to die (except if they got it from second hand smoke). But to tell people who have bullets whizzin by them day and night not to light up is absurd. If you were so concerned with their health you wouldn’t have them in this bullshit war to begin with. I really wonder about the big wigs that run this county. Like what the hell do they be thinkin most of the time? And if anything, they should INCREASE the taxes on cigarettes so that they can generate revenue for this broke ass county.

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