Monday, July 13, 2009

Club says no blacks allowed

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t news to you since it broke last week. Only reason I didn’t mention it is because it was Good Friday. Terrible shit…I don’t know how the Valley Club didn’t know that the kids were inner city; why didn’t they look up where the daycare was located? And the whole “we didn’t expect that many kids” excuse is bullshit. I’m pretty sure when they took that check that they had an idea of how many kids would be comin from the daycare. Well, what more can you expect from America’s finest. I love the little boy Marcus, someone get him an OSCAR for that performance!!! “I didn’t think these kinds of things still went on.” What does your 6-year old ass know about racism? There is another video of him on YouTube when he says that he is “appalled” that this kind of thing still happens. Please, little boy can’t even SPELL appalled. I know he can’t because I couldn’t…I had spell check help me out. Glad to know racism is still alive and kickin in America. No matter how many steps forward we take, someone is always takin two steps back.

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