Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pass The A1

I really haven’t commented on this because I know Joe is doin this for the attention and I don’t fuck with attention whores. But basically Joe Budden has beef with the Wu-Tang Clan. Not all of them but he’s called enough of them out and if you fuck with one, you pretty much deal with all. He already has been beaten by The Game, by Saigon, by anybody he goes up against. Now he wants to take shots the The Clan? The group that gave birth to the style he misuses? Yo, a rapper dissin the Wu is like a black baseball player dissin Jackie Robinson. Like, you wouldn’t be here or heard if it wasn’t for the pioneers like the Wu-Tang Clan. Even if you got beef with them, you should bite your tongue outta respect. I’d HATE to see what the Wu would do to him on wax. I mean lyrically, Joe Bidden is the equivalent of a zygote to ANYONE with the Wu. ODB (RIP), the class clown, could mop the Heavens with Joey without breakin a sweat. I wish Joe would fade away and never make another track again!!! Damn the surgeons that repaired his voice box.

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