Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Arrests made in the Florida killings

Now that is just completely dirty. And they were murdered with 9 of their children still in the home. How traumatizing is that? They have caught 3 people so far which makes me hopeful that they will catch everyone. These people ADOPTED children that weren’t even healthy (in a sense). Most of the children are special needs kids. What kinda shit is that? Do you know how hard it is to find people that wanna take care of special needs children? That don’t mind sacrificing the extra time and energy to deal with children with Down’s Syndrome? And a group of Neanderthals wipe them from the face of the planet. It’s just so disturbing. And according to reports, the Billings were very well known in the area so the people who did this knew who they were attackin (unless if they were from outta town, but who goes into another town to invade some homes?). I think the death penalty is still enforced in Florida and I hope that everyone found guilty is sent to the chair. I wanna go old school with it, fuck an injection. Strap em to the chair and let them fry. Hopefully the wattage isn’t enough and they have to be re-fried.

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