Monday, July 6, 2009

Operator dies in Disney World

If you operate a train, you may wanna quit your job. In another train accident, this one involving the monorail at “The Happiest Place On Earth” (that’s Disney World for you depressed and gloomy mofos), 21-year old Austin Wuennenberg died after his train plowed into a stationary one yesterday. There was a family aboard the train but they were checked and released. Is there any safe way to travel? Shit, make a muthafucka not wanna leave the house. Chances are it might be due to human error, seein how the other train was stationary unless the brakes just failed. Reports have come in that the train operator in the D.C. accident was textin before the accident. Granted she applied the brakes, it obviously was too late. If these reports are true, then that’s really fucked up. Like runnin a train is completely different than any other form of transportation. They stay on ONE FUCKING LINE for starters. So it’s understandable that you can be bored and want to do some textin or such. But the one time you are needed to pay attention (like approaching the next stop), PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION!!! Runnin into another train is the equivalent of takin an escalator and trippin when it’s time to get off. You have to be an idiot.

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