Tuesday, July 7, 2009

McNair's death - the investigation continues

Oh what a tangled web we weave. That chick was only 20-years old, what was McNair datin her for anyways? The dude has a wife for peet’s sake! And how does McNair’s friend walk in see McNair on the sofa and the chick on the floor and think they takin a nap? It’s hard to take a nap with your brain oozing outta your head. They need to just rule it a murder-suicide because it’s obvious that the chick became obsessed with McNair and wanted him to divorce his wife. When he refused and told her that her “pussy is good but that’s about it”, she proceeded to buy the gun and planned on killin him. She most likely gave him the chance to rethink it, but he didn’t calm her down enough and she just killed the both of them. The End. Sad story. I’m pretty sure when she promised to “blow his brains out” by the end of the night, that’s not what he expected.

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