Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Does government beget violence?

Hm, Emily Chang can play with my wang anytime. Rude? Yes. Do I apologize? No. But it’s good to hear that religion can separate men so far to the point that even if you look like me, I’ll still kill you because your god is different. It’s totally pathetic. I mean, what religion promotes violence against others to begin with? It’s these terrible governments and the terrible hearts of men. Instead of offerin protection for everyone and creatin propaganda that resolves differences, everyone holds to their guns (pun intended) and tries to make life miserable for anyone who doesn’t share their religious views. I mean it happens here all the time. I don’t understand why a government would want to keep their people separated. It only leads to senseless violence. Why don’t governments approach their jobs as a way to unify their community, state, or country? Since when has it been wrong for someone in power to change their views and encompass a little bit of what everyone wants? And I do know that there are some politicians that do so, but why not all of them? Why do they have to get on their own agenda? Why do they have to talk to the media and twist things around so that they look like a hero to their select followers instead of a hero for all people? This shit in China? If the government properly stepped in and addressed the needs of the Uyghur, they wouldn’t be rioting. Listen, I know that you can’t please everyone and you can’t make all the changes that are needed. What I don’t understand is why they turn miniscule things into things against their morals and values. With the exception of abortion, I don’t see how Dems and Reps can’t work together better. It’s not like one group promotes murder, stealing, and raping while the other group is against it. I need my own island ASAP; I can’t deal with governing bodies anymore.

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