Friday, July 10, 2009

Homeless vet almost kills family

First off, I salute all the troops that are overseas puttin their lives on the line. I don’t necessarily think they are fightin for “our freedom” because the U.S. hasn’t fought for its freedom since the Revolutionary War. All the other wars we engaged in were for one absurd reason or another. So there are two things that bother me with this story. The first being is why is this man homeless? I don’t know how the salary works when in the military, but from what I’ve been told from people that serve is that you make a shit load of money considering the factors. Correct me if I’m wrong but they get a salary and a stipend, they don’t pay for clothes, meals, or rent. There are no gym membership or cable bills. While enlisted you pretty much have zero expenses. So why didn’t this guy save up his moolah or send it home to his wife? I hope they weren’t livin in a baller-rific ass home before the mortgage crisis. The second thing is why isn’t the government steppin in and helpin him out? I think if you’re in the military, the perks should be endless. No waitin in lines. Tickets to exclusive shows. AND A FUCKING HOME TO LIVE IN!!! There is absolutely no reason a person should go fight based on some power/money hungry faggot politician’s agenda and come home to no support. Thank goodness no one died. When they said he had a second child, I literally crossed my fingers right before they said that 2-year old was not hurt. What kinda person moves to Michigan lookin for a job? Did he not get the memo? Now, your gonna hate me for this but it’s the reason I do what I do. I say what ya’ll think. I don’t know if this was an accident. I mean it might have, but it coulda been one of those mercy killings. You know, like when a dad kills his whole family then kills himself and in the suicide note he talks about how he doesn’t want his family to live this kind of life. I mean if you fall asleep behind the wheel of a parked SUV, how do you put it into reverse? In most SUVs (Explorers for sure) you have to pull the shifter out and then down to change gears. You can’t just lean on it and knock it into reverse. That’s just my thoughts tho.

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