Friday, July 10, 2009

The government has failed our kids

Sigh. I hate the U.S. government. And I feel terrible for Obama. Imagine if all Obama did was read the Rant for his news. He’d prolly quit his job seein how bad the world is that he has to face. He lives and breathes this shit every day, all day. But you gotta love capitalism. I blame capitalism because capitalism is a way of sayin “Greed is good”. And everyone knows what happens to a greedy person…And we can see what is happening to a greedy America. They’ve taken money right out of the kids mouths (and brains). If the education system fails, what next? I already think kids are gettin dumber by the minute and these old folks with the old money are gonna die soon, so who is gonna take over in their place? Their dumb grandkids? What’s the solution? If we get rid of the government completely (and let people rule), that will be disastrous so throw that solution out the window. If things keep progressing the way they are (which they most likely will since people are a creature of habit and don’t welcome change), America will hit a rock bottom that they’ve only read about in history books (if the older folks are still alive, the younger ones didn’t take history since it couldn’t be funded). Only from there will a new style of government emerge which finally puts the people first. And I don’t mean that in a socialist “service to the people” kinda way. And I don’t mean it in a capitalist “allow the people to do whatever they want” kinda way either. I think it will be a hybrid. A pure and true one. It will last for about 100 years and then déjà vu, lol. People are habitual. Someone is gonna want more power or more money eventually and bring the empire back down.

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