Monday, July 13, 2009

President Obama be chillin

President Obama will be throwin out the first pitch at this year’s All-Star game in St. Louis. You know, this nigga plays a lot of games and goes to a lot of sportin events. Doesn’t he understand the dire state that the country is in? What is with all the lollygagging? Stop bullshitin and get on your job Mr. President. Jeez. Everytime I hear about Obama in the news it’s always sports related. I guess if it means him not havin an affair, I can settle for that tradeoff. Seriously though, I don’t give a fuck what he does to wind down. If you feel stressed at your job, then multiple it by 100 then work for 5 other companies at the same time. That would equal the amount of stress Obama is goin through right now. You remember in cartoons where the villain has the train (or bus or any vehicle) headin towards impending doom but they bail out at the last second, leavin the hero to save the lives of people that could be killed in the crash? That’s how I feel the Bush administration left the country to Obama. They put it on a collision course and at the last minute grabbed the last parachute and told Obama “good luck my nigga” and hopped the fuck out. I think a lot of people don’t realize that and that’s why they don’t think he’s doin a good job.

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