Friday, July 10, 2009

Parents pay hush money for Sen. Ensign

It seriously pays to have sex with people in power. It appears that the PARENTS of shamed Sen. John Ensign paid Cindy Hampton (the hoe) and her family $96k in gifts. The gifts were broken down into $12k per person because any gift under $12k is tax exempt (cha-ching, I just thought of a way to stop payin taxes). That is a lot of money to get from the dude’s PARENTS. That’s why I’m holdin out. No more givin away this good stuff for free. Find me a celebrity or politician to pay for my living expenses. That shit is almost $100k tax free!!! Damn, that’s the good life. I also got a pic of the happy couples. From left to right it’s John, his hot wife, Cindy, and her cuckold husband. Seriously, Cindy is a step down from John’s wife. Why would he ever bother? If you gonna cheat, you GOTTA go a step up.

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