Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Olympic hopeful opens up brothel

He should move to America, where they will welcome him with open arms. That’s capitalism at its finest. You don’t got the money? Raise it anyway you can. I was scared that HE was workin in a brothel but if he just owns one, then what is the harm? Especially since prostitution is LEGAL in New Zealand I don’t see how he’s gonna bring “shame” or “disgrace” to the sport. Taekwondo was originally created by women who were tired of gettin raped by the men in their village and wanted to fight them off. So taekwondo isn’t even honorable martial arts to begin with. Lol, just kiddin. I don’t want some 30th degree black belt to kick my ass because I’m smearin the history of his occupation. Anyways, if the boy raises the money and he’s nice with the footwork, then he should be able to go to the Olympics and compete. Chances are after makin some real money, he’s not gonna give two shits about headin to the Olympics. He’ll buy all the gold (and platinum) that he wants.

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