Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jon minus eight gets hate

Jon Gosselin, new divorcee from “Jon & Kate”, has been spotted in St. Tropez with some new chick who turns out to be Hailey Glassman. Hailey is the daughter of Dr. Glassman who is the man that gave Kate her tummy tuck. Wow. Grimes. But what really bothers me is the fact that the man is across the globe instead of home with the kids right now. I know he can’t be with them 24/7 and he deserves a break…but St. Tropez? Like, he couldn’t take a trip to NYC or LA or hell, the Caribbean? This muthafucka went all the way to the south of France to get away. That is about as douche bag as it gets. I mean, look at the fuckin shirt he’s wearin. I HATE when old dudes try to dress cooler than their age and cooler than they really are. Like if he was a musician…a real one, then I would be like ‘hmm, alright. He still gets the groupie love so why not?’ But Jon is famous for havin eight kids, which none of them are around at the moment. The man is a total ass fuck and may not be the worst dad in the world but he’s definitely fell down in rankings. I mean, who the fuck is he to be in St. Tropez anyways? Does he have TV money like that? And the daughter of his wife’s surgeon? TACKY, TASTELESS, and real bitch made. Byrd Billings gets killed and this man tries to escape his life, smh. If Kate needs to take a trip, she can come and stay in my mama’s basement in LA…I’ll make her feel real good.

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