Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Student controller almost kills EVERYONE!

Another thing I can’t mess with is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It appears that the two near accidents that occurred in the past month were due to a student controller in the tower. To bring you up to speed there were two incidents were two planes almost crashed into each other due to miscommunication from someone in the control tower on where they can land and take off. After an investigation, it’s been discovered that a “developmental” controller had been watchin those flights. The student hasn’t been punished but what bugs me is the defense from a controller’s union representative. He says that the controller is "brand new; he's going to make mistakes." Why can’t that muthafucka make mistakes on simulated flights? Why he gotta make mistakes when people’s lives are at stake? The student had only clocked 11 hours last month so what is he doin with no supervision? Why is he even on the radio talkin to the pilots? Next “don’t” to add to my list of “Flying No No” is flyin in or out of Cleveland. Sounds like another death trap.

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